Starting in 1998, Berlin was the only city in Germany where a Fotomarathon was organised. As from 2012, other cities have started to organise such events, such as Dresden, Hamburg and Munich, also under the name “Fotomarathon”. We imagine that more cities in Germany will soon have events under the principles of a Fotomarathon.

As the number of Fotomarathons in Germany increases, it is important for us to maintain the artistic and non-profit character of a Fotomarathon. For this reason, the organising teams of the Fotomarathons in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg and Munich met in Berlin in October of 2012 to discuss joint purposes and basic principles for cooperation.

The foundation for this cooperation and exchange should be these commonly agreed basic principles:

A Fotomarathon combines fun, challenge and social event all in one.
We want the participants to enjoy taking part in a Fotomarathon. There should always be a bit of a game spirit.
The participants are at the heart of the event.
We will do everything we can to offer participants a great Fotomarathon day and a nice exhibition. We will do this within the limits of our available financial means and volunteer supported work.
A Fotomarathon is open to all photo enthusiasts.
Photo equipment makes no difference, and everyone is welcome: photo enthusiasts and professionals, digital or analogue photographers alike.
Each Fotomarathon respects each city´s individuality and charm.
The principle of “photos against time” remains the same: a specific number of photos have to be shot in a given period of time, following the given order. Each city can decide how many themes or hours they choose to have, or whether the Themes are announced before the Fotomarathon day or not.
A Fotomarathon is independent.
Only the organising teams set the creative direction and leadership of the events, for example by setting the themes or by designing the exhibition.
A Fotomarathon doesn´t pursue commercial interests.
A Fotomarathon is organised mainly by volunteers, with the purpose of benefitting society, for example the promotion of the arts, education or culture. Income should cover the costs and avoid potential losses.

These common principles should be the basis for a future network of Fotomarathon events in Germany. As far as our own abilities allow us, we are open to welcome and support new Fotomarathon events which share these basic principles with us.

Berlin, October 21st, 2012


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