Fri 9. June 2017

Get Ready!

9. June 2017|General|

To help you to be prepared, we have created a checklist that will help you to pack everything you need for the big day! We have compiled this list out of our own experience as participants, and collecting information from photographers who have sumitted tips as well.


Wed 1. June 2016

Spend the Fotomarathon day with a 360° Ball Camera

1. June 2016|General, News, Partners, Photomarathon, Registration|

PANONO_BACK_DETAIL_FOR WEB_klein_ausschnittOur partner PANONO is making three cameras available for Fotomarathon participants to take photos during the Fotomarathon day -whether in the 12 or 24 hour version.

Whether you focus on big landscapes, group photos or fun selfies -everything is possible.  The Panono ball camera is used by mounting it on a stick or a tripod, and is controlled via an app, which works on iOS -requiring an iPhone to manage it. With good light and weather conditions, you can even throw it in the air (make sure you catch it, though!) and it will […]

Sat 7. May 2016

Spread the word! Posters to download

7. May 2016|Photomarathon|

It is always more fun when there are more Fotomarathon participants taking pictures around town. Tell your friends, work colleagues or other photo enthusiasts. You can also share the news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! We thank you in advance for helping promote this unique event!

You can also download and print posters -to share in your favourite shops: spätis, bars, bakeries, photo shops -the list is endless.

Fotomarathon Posters drucken und verteilen

Here in four steps:

1. Download: Posters and social media images are here to download. Just see below. Posters are available as high quality PDFs and […]

Fri 24. July 2015

Please leave a message after the beep

24. July 2015|General, News|

Give us a call:+49 (0) 30 5770 5047 and leave a message on our voicemail box. We would love to know more about your experience with the Fotomarathon. Tell us about your funniest adventure, let us know how easy it was to find a motive (or not) What tips do you have to share with future participants?

To protect your privacy, you don´t need to say your name, just share your start number. We will provide a link on our website where you can hear the most amazing, fascinating and memorable stories on demand.

Some of […]

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