Andrea Figari

Andrea has been a fan of Fotomarathon since 2004, ever since she participated for the first time when the event took place under the main theme „The Dream to Fly“. She is happy to call Berlin her choice of home since 2003. She is a political scientist in an international organization with its headquarters in Berlin . Andrea is a keen photographer – she prefers to capture landscapes, architecture and nature at its best. Within the Fotomarathon it is Andrea who is responsible for team management, online communication and social media as well as international contacts.

Tita Kaisari Ernst

Tita supports the team since 2008 and joined the board of management in 2009. In addition she coordinated the exhibition of 2012 and 2013. Tita is an Anthropologist and facilitator for the meetings regarding themes for the Fotomarathon.

Jenny Wrede

Jenny is being an active member since 2013 but she already participated back in 2010. Obviously she got hooked and was unable to let go of this classic event in Berlin. First analog fairy and now partner acquisition, location spotting and social media. She likes the convenience of digital photography, but her heart belongs to analog photography and she rediscovered the medium format.

Jens Bleiholder

Jens was eager to participate in the Fotomarathon for years but missed his chance repeatedly. Until 2012 when he finally made it. He ended up loving it so much that he decided to support the team in organizing the event every since.

Paul Mikuszies

Paul is part of the team since April 2015. Originally he wanted to participate in Fotomarathon but decided then to have a close up look behind the curtain and joined the team eventually.

Erik Schröder

Erik came across the Fotomarathon when he was searching for voluntary work in order to contribute to a good cause. A friend of him pointed out that he should join the Fotomarathon where he could combine his passion for photography and his desire to learn more and to grow. So he did in February 2016.

Lars Michaelsen

Lars combines his enthusiasm for sports with his passion for photography. Consequently he decided to take on the ultimate challenge of running the Berlin Marathon and to join the Fotomarathon team as an active member in March 2016. Always according his desire, to make the most out of his time.

Annette Jentsch

Annette became a member in February 2016. Annette was looking for a task that links and represents her interest in organizing, being creative, as well as photography and meeting other like minded people. No surprise that the Fotomarathon was her destiny. Now she takes care of writing and organizing. In her free time she loves to photograph people and birds.

Karin Reiter

Karin discovered us at the Freiwilligenbörse and was instantly hooked by the concept of the Fotomarathon and the team. Now she supports the team by taking care of the website of the organization and additional communication tasks as a “Digital Senior”. She love to take pictures of Berlin and graveyards. She is a member since April 2016.

Supporters and helpers:

  • Gerlind Fichte
  • Siegfried Kürschner
  • Bettina Kasperowski, Fotomarathon Shenyang
  • Franziska Hönow
  • Leonardo Lospennato

Honorary Members and Fotomarathon Founders:

  • Edith Balk
  • Konrad Retzer
  • Jñrg Meyerhoff


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