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Your donation will help us cover the regular expenses that keep the non profit Verein alive. A small team of volunteers is responsible for all the work done to organise the Fotomarathon events in Berlin. No salaries are paid, but there are fixed costs that are required to keep a Fotomarathon alive.

Some of these are:
– rental of storage space for the Fotomarathon exhibition walls and displays.
– the rental of locations or spaces for exhibitions
– website hosting and domains
– cost of printed goods (postcards, posters) to promote the Fotomarathon
– accounting and insurance costs

As a supporting member, we will keep you informed of news and events. In the meantime, please be inspired by the winners of the Fotomarathon events along the years. Visit the inspiring winning series at here:

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Thank you again so very much for your support!


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