Verein für Ereignisse – Fotomarathon Berlin
10249 Berlin

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Responsible according to the German Telemedia Law: Andrea Figari, Chair of the Board

The non profit association, Verein für Ereignisse e.V. is registered with the Finanzamt für Körperschaften I in Berlin as a non profit association (St.Nr: 27/680/56086) and at the Berlin Register under the number  VR 29458 B.

This Imprint applies also for the Facebook page:

Legal issues around the logo and the contents 

The Fotomarathon Berlin is protected under protection of intellectual property and registered with the German Patent office. The image was created by Silvie Hartmann and Thomas Kolb.

Additionally, we stress that all of our texts, slogans, photos and layouts belong to the Fotomarathon Berlin´s intellectual property. They should not be copied or used in other contexts or websites without our permission.

Get in touch!

If you are planning to organise a Fotomarathon in your city, contact us and we can share some tips. You are welcome to participate at the Fotomarathon in Berlin to have a look at how it works. Most Fotomarathons currently running in Germany started because someone came to Berlin as a participant, and came back home full of enthusiasm to have a similar event there.

We regularly organise activities and exchanges with other Fotomarathons, in Germany and abroad. Get in touch and drops us a line at


Responsible according to Article § 6 MDStV (German Federal Agreement on Media Services): Verein für Ereignisse | Andrea Figari. We regularly check the contents of the websites where we link to. However, we accept no responsibility for the content of these pages, and instead the owners of those websites are liable for the contents they publish.

Privacy Policy

We recognise the value of privacy and take all measures to ensure your data is safe with us. We do not share your personal data with third parties. Please click HERE to read our full privacy policy.

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