Verein für Ereignisse

The Berlin Fotomarathon is organized by a non profit association: the Verein für Ereignisse. The Association is formed by a group of volunteers, who have undertaken a wide spectrum of tasks. Over the years, Verein für Ereignisse has gained in diversity and multi-cultural expression, with a truly international team.

In addition to the Fotomarathon, which is a major part of the program, we also want to undertake other artistic projects and cultural events in Berlin. The focus of our work is photography and the “joie de vivre” of enthusiastic Berlin photographers. In this context, we are partners of the European Month of Photography, where we participated in 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

The Verein für Ereignisse is recognized as a non-profit organization (Class I) in Berlin and registered in the Berlin Register for Non Profit Associations under the number VR 29458 B. Our by laws can be found here (only in German)

We we welcome new members who want to share their enthusiasm for photography with us. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know. Contact us via:

Legal Formalities to the Fotomarathon logo and website contents

On Logo is a copyright protected word and logo, registered in the German Patent Office under the number 300 72 154.4/41. The Logo and Isologo were created by Sylvie Hartmann and Thomas Kolb for the Berlin Fotomarathon.

The use of the Fotomarathon Logo and Isologo is only allowed after written permission of the owner of the copyright. The Berlin Fotomarathon logo must not be used without permission.

We point out that all of our texts, photos and layouts are protected by copyright. They must not be used, distributed or changed without our permission.

We welcome cooperation and are willing to support new initiatives. If you are planning a similar event please contact us, we are very interested to network wil all similar events.

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