By filling up an online registration form, the participant declares to have agreed with the following terms and conditions for participation:

  1. The organizers commit themselves to provide each registered participant with a sheet with the themes and a starting number provided that the participant is in time at the meeting point. The organisers commit to keep the themes secret until the start of the Fotomarathon, and not make them available to any participant in the competition.
  2. The regular participation fee for the Fotomarathon is 25 EUR. Early bird registration fee is 29 EUR for the first 80 registrations. The entry fee to the exhibition, as well as to the award ceremony, is free for all officially registered participants who bring their stamped start number. Entry fee for guests is 4 EUR (reduced: 3 EUR).
  3. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of your participation and a reimbursement of the fee is possible until one week (7 days) before the Fotomarathon, by sending an email to kontakt @ If you cancel after this date, we cannot reimburse your fee. You can nominate a replacement person that will participate using your space. Your replacement should come to the registration table at the Start at latest 1 hour before the start. If the payment was made via PayPal, we will deduct 1EUR from the amount to be reimbursed, to cover for PayPal fees. In the case of international fees, we will deduct 2 EUR. If the payment was made via Bank, the participants must send their bank information together with their cancellation in order to receive the reimbursement.
  4. The organizers are not liable for any damages that the participants may cause during the development of the Fotomarathon and during the subsequent exhibition The only exceptions would be damages caused as by the organizers´ gross negligence.
  5. The organizers reserve their right to cancel the event, if there are serious reasons for doing so. In this case, the organizers will refund the registration fee to participants within four weeks after the cancellation has been announced.
  6. The participant agrees to be filmed, photographed and interviewed during the course of the Fotomarathon and in the framework of publicly documenting the event. This can be done by the organisers, the media or someone the organisers have assigned. This includes the publication of the photo series on the internet, in the exhibition as well photos taken during the award ceremony.
  7. The participants of the Berlin Fotomarathon agree that the photos participating in the competition become part of the Archives of the Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur. Linked to this is the transfer of the temporally and spatially unlimited, non-exclusive right of use to the Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur to use the photos at no cost, in accordance with the objectives of the foundation. The competition entries may be submitted to third parties within the Rules for Use of the Foundation´s Archives. If third parties have an intention to use photos beyond just viewing the competition entries, all other requests to use the images will be forwarded to the respective photographer. Each photographer can then decide on the respective use and may agree on an appropriate usage fee. For this purpose only, the Foundation stores the contact details of the photographers (Name and Email Address).
  8. The participants are responsible for their own transport from one station to the next. If the participant fails to arrive to the agreed station at the latest 30 minutes after the agreed time, he/she will lose the right to receive a new list of themes and consequently the instructions to get to the next Station. This means that the participant is then disqualified from the competition.
  9. Only photos from participants whose start numbers are complete with all stamps of all Fotomarathon stations will be accepted for download at the end of the Fotomarathon.
  10. The election of the winner and the selection of the best series are made by an independent Jury. There is no legal appeal available.
  11. Participants agree that their photos may be used for the documentation and media work or marketing of the event by the Verein für Ereignisse e.V. Participants grant the organisers the rights to use photos in interactive software, in photo databases and on the internet. The organiser may grant the use of the above mentioned photos to third parties (e.g. media). The granted rights on photos mentioned above for documentation and media purposes are not limited in time or space. The participants cannot submit an objection to the granted rights (i.e. due to a change in circumstances). Should the photos be used for commercial purposes, the Verein für Ereignisse e.V and the author agree to share the profits derived from the sale.
  12. The participant assures that he/she owns the right to all his/her photographs and that the rights of persons included in his/her photographs have not been violated.
  13. The participants will be informed of any possible changes during the duration of the Fotomarathon, for this purpose, during the registration participants are signed up to the Newsletter. Participants can unsubscribe at any time. The participant agrees that his/her personal data information to be saved electronically. The information will not be communicated to others without prior consent.
  14. Minors under 18 years can also participate, in company of an adult and under the agreement of their tutors or guardians.
  15. Berlin is the legal jurisdiction for the Fotomarathon.

Last updated: April 2018

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