The Mini-Fotomarathon took place on 29 April 2017 in the PRignitz region, hosted by the NABU visitor centre in Rühstädt -the European stork capital. The theme for the Fotomarathon was: The city air is liberating. Details about the title and more about the event, can be found HERE…

  • People´s Choice Award Start Nr. 047. Emma Rütter.
  • A special Jury convened by NABU and local representatives of the region a series of photos by the following photographers:
    • StartNr. 035: Mario Herzog
    • StartNr. 036: Gerhardt Baack
    • StartNr 047: Emma Rütter
    • StartNr 060: Heike Richter
    • StartNr 063: Thomas Gawlitza
    • StartNr 068: Jennifer Klippel
    • StartN 081: Irina Ziedorn
    • StartN 143: Ilka Kuhn
    • StartN 148: Carolin Oelsener

With one click on each photo, you can see it in larger size, read the title and the photographer.

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