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Cooperation with Federal Foundation for the Study of  Communist Dictatorship in East Germany

20 years of Fotomarathon Berlin! This year’s memory will be a big one. The Anniversary Fotomarathon will bring to life historical events relevant to the city. The 20th Berlin Fotomarathon on June 16th is funded by the Bundesstiftung für Aufarbeitung, with which the competition’s general theme and individual topics were developed.

Berlin was the focus of the Cold War, which after 1945 divided not just the world but also Berlin into two parts. At the start of this development was the Soviet blockade of West Berlin, to which the West responded with the airlift 70 years ago. This was the first showdown between the superpowers.

The Iron Curtain between East and West was initially permeable in Berlin. Nearly three million East Germans fled to freedom here. In 1961 the SED dictatorship put up the wall. West Berlin became an island where frontline spirits and students (for whom symbol “1968” stands) thrived. The youthful rebellion led to a march through the institutions that changed West Berlin and the old Bundesrepublik.

In the DDR the SED dictatorship suppressed all forms of social renewal from below. When the borders from west to east widened in the 1970s, the enemy images of the Cold War lost their strength. The relaxation created a frame for a small DDR opposition movement. When East Germans carried their displeasure into the streets in 1989, civil rights activists gave voice and direction to the protest. The Peaceful Revolution ended the DDR Communist dictatorship and prepared the way for the reunification of the city and the nation.

Fotomarathon Berlin is very pleased to work together with Stiftung Aufarbeitung. Stiftung Aufarbeitung supports Fotomarathon Berlin in many ways: for example, in the search for location and sponsors and in the organization of an extensive exhibition of the winning pictures. A book project is also planned. All participants in the 2018 Fotomarathon will be included in the Stiftung Aufarbeitung archive and potentially used for educational purposes.

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