Partner news: PhotoDerive Exhibition 9 to 31st October 2020

For this year´s European Month of Photography the Berlin Fotomarathon is teaming up with PhotoDérive, a project founded by long-time Fotomarathon Team member Andrea Figari in 2013. PhotoDérive explores walking and photographing as art practices, uniting urban exploration, mindfulness and political critique with storytelling. A companion card kit for [...]

3. October 2020|

Fotomarathon in COVID19 – Part 2: After the Fotomarathon

Preparations for the Fotomarathon in times of coronavirus demanded that we change the format, as we described in first part of this "behind the scenes" post. But if anyone thinks that once the Fotomarathon day is over, they are in for a surprise. Here you will learn about what [...]

2. October 2020|

Fotomarathon in COVID19 Times: How does it work

October is here and with it the European Month of Photography, where the Fotomarathon is again proud to be represented. Here are more details about how the Fotomarathon day on 24th October will run, as this will be a special edition during the global pandemic.  Again, here are the [...]

27. September 2020|
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