The following jury members will selection the best entries from the submissions of the 18th Fotomarathon
Berlin. (We heartily thank our jury members for donating their time.)

Edith-Maria Balk
© Edith-Maria Balk

Edith Maria Balk lives and works in Berlin and works freelance as a communication designer, artistic photographer and lecturer. She took part in the first Berlin Fotomarathon in 1998, winning first prize and meeting the organizers and her current husband. Due to partiality, she was no longer able to participate in the Fotomarathon and so she instead joined the event team and took care of event organization until 2006.
Since she missed participating in the Fotomarathon, she took part in a photo marathon in Denmark in 2012 and received second place.

So, she knows the photo marathon from different perspectives and is happy that the basic idea of the Fotomarathon has been so successful.
“For example, I only know Copenhagen from the days of FM. At that time the photo marathon was still 24 hours. One picture per hour with 24er analog film. Experiencing a city under these conditions and accompanying it with photography is incredibly exciting. Sure, you could also go on your own; but the character of the event – the way it combines photographic work on given topics, and the exchange with the participants during the event and later during the exhibition – I have always experienced that as something very special.”

© Alexander Steffen

Alexander Steffen (*1967) was born and raised in West Berlin. He studied Politics at Freie Universität Berlin and learned his craft at photo publishing company Dirk Nishen, based at Tempelhofer Berg, and in London. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he roamed the techno clubs and the ruins of Berlins new Mitte district. He ran a gallery and agency called ‘transition’ in Kreuzberg from 1999 to 2005 and has been working on the Berlinale film festival since 2005. In 2009, he started the photography project Vanishing Berlin, which spawned several exhibitions and a book ‘Vanishing Berlin – Documenting change. Photographs 2009-2016’  (ISBN 978-3-00-056040-8)

© Phillip Boß

Philipp Boß is the 2017 Fotomarathon winner. He has been photographing for a long time and shares this hobby with his father, with whom he has done Fotomarathons in the past. He is also an active user/contributor of ‘Skyscraperpage’, a forum for urban photography which has 135,000 followers. He uses a Lumix G1. We’re excited to have such an experienced Fotomarathonist on the jury. In real life, Philipp is a job counsellor and regularly talks about photography as a job opportunity.


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