11/06/2016 / 11:00 - 23:00

Start Location
James June Sommergarten
Karl Marx Allee 93
10249 Berlin

Welcome to the 16th Fotomarathon!

In addition to posing a photographi challenge, the Fotomarathon invites you to see the city with a different perspective. You can create your own photo sets in the city: passers by can be your models, your friends can be your assistants and the city can be your own 3D background. We work hard to find off-the-beaten-path or otherwise interesting locations to discover. We tell you a bit more in each theme sheet, where you find your topics, with interesting facts and a bit of history. This makes the 12 hour journey a trip to the unknown not only for visitors and Berliners alike.

You can participate in the 16th Fotomarathon as follows:

  • 12 hours Fotomarathon: 12 photos in 12 hours. Both analogue and digital, starts 11. June  11am to 11 pm. Places are limited to 250.
  • 24 hours Fotomarathon: 24 photos in 24 hours. Both analogue and digital. This is limited to 50 places. Starts 11.June  11am and ends 12.June at 11am.

This year the Fotomarathon in Berlin takes place on Saturday, June 11th at 11.00 hours at James June Sommergarten in Friedrichshain (U5 Weberwiese) The Fotomarathon Team will be there as from 10.00 am.
2016 Location James June

Who can participate?

Everyone with enthusiasm and a digital (or analogue) camera with a memory card can take part and accept the challenge in heart and soul. At this point we cannot accept participation with a mobile phone. Whether amateur or professional, alone or in a team, an original Berliner or a visitor –the most important thing is to be creative, relentless and tireless. Participant numbers are limited.

Registration Fee

  • 12 and 24 hour Fotomarathon: EUR 33
  • Special Discount:  EUR 29 (discount days to be announced)

You can pay via Bank Transfer or Paypal. Last day of Registration is June 9, 2016 at 21.00 hours

The fee is EUR 37 during the Fotomarathon day, and can only be paid in cash. Please make sure you come a bit earlier to ensure you can start at 11.00.

12 / 24 Hours: how does it work?

10.00 am:  The Fotomarathon team is at the location, and participants can collect their start numbers and additional information.

11.00 am: We are ready to go! Participants get their start number, the first four topics, and instructions to go to the next meeting point.

15.00 and 19.00 hours: At two additional locations in Berlin, participants will get new topics and clues to the next location.

23.00 hours: After 12 hours of Fotomarathon, the digital pictures will be downloaded from the participants´camera by the Fotomarathon team. Analogue photographers taking part in the 12 hour fotomarathon hand in their photo rolls. For those participating in the 24 hour Fotomarathon, the competition goes on.

Sunday  12 June 03.00 and 07.00 hours: Through the night, participants collect further themes and tips to the next station.

Sunday  12 June 11.00 hours: Participants hand in their 24 photos –both analogue and digital.

We  like analogue photographers!

This year, up to 30 analogue photographers can also take their cameras out for a spin. Due to the way in which the photos are printed for the exhibition, you can only shoot in small format (35mm) film. We cannot accept middle format or slides films, as their prints would not match our exhibition display. Please remember to bring your own negative film it can be either colour or black and white. At the end of the Fotomarathon (23.00 hours or 11.00 am on Sunday), we collect the film rolls to send them to the lab.

Your photo series and the exhibition

A few weeks after the Fotomarathon, all photos from all participants will be presented at a weekend long Exhibition. Entry is free for registered participants. Visitors pay a symbolic entrance fee.  The awards ceremony takes place on Saturday at 18.00 hours.

We will communicate the time and place soon. Please visit the Exhibition page for more information.

At the end of the Exhibition, on Sunday after 18.00, participants can come to collect their photo series and take it home. You need to bring your Fotomarathon number with you, otherwise you will not be able to collect your series. If you cannot pick it up, you can order to have it delivered to you. Due to organisational reasons, this order is only possible during the registration process. In addition to your ticket for the Fotomarathon, just choose another ticket to order your series. The cost of shipping and handling depends on whether the mail goes to a German or to an European address. Please consider this during your registration. We cannot take orders for deliveries after you have registered.

How do I register?

To complete your registration please select a ticket for your registration, and an additional one if you want to receive your photo series by post. Proceed to fill the form and press the button to register. Due to this year´s registration system, a user account will be created. You will get the access details via Email. With those access details you can cancel your ticket (until 1.June at 19.00 hours at the latest), you can change the address to receive the photo series, or change the name on the ticket, to give it to a friend (instead of cancelling it).

The user accounts will be deleted after the photo series are sent, a few weeks after the exhibition.

By registering to this event, you accept the Fotomarathon Rules and the General Conditions for Participation. Please make sure you read them before the Fotomarathon.

Key information – a summary:

  • Fotomarathon start: Saturday June 6, 11am. Start Location James June Sommergarten
  • Options
    • 12 Photos must be taken in 12 hours. Start: Saturday 11. June 11am. End: Saturday 11. June 23:00 hours
    • 24 photos must be taken in 24 hours. Start: Saturday 11. June 11.00. End: Sunday 12. June 11.00 hours
  • Exhibition: time and place to be announced soon.
  • Registration Fees
    • 12/24 Hour Fotomarathon: 33 EUR, Early bird tickets 29 EUR (first 80 places)
    • Day tickets on Fotomarathon day: 37 EUR (pending availability)
  • Shipping: You can only order the shipping of your photo series together with your registration (i.e. NOW!) We will ship the photos after the exhibition. We cannot accept requests for shipping outside of the registration process.
  • Register by filling out the form below, choose a ticket for the type of Fotomarathon (12, 24 hour youth ticket, analog, digital) and an additional ticket if you want to order your photo series per post. You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer.
  • The final cut: Last day of registration is June 9, 2016 at 21.00 hours.



Bookings are closed for this event.

(By registering to this event, you accept the Fotomarathon Rulesand the General Conditions for Participation.)

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