Wed 20. December 2017

Make someone happy!

20. December 2017|General, Registration|

Fotomarathon Start - foto Michael Flascha Atmobild Fotomaraton 2013, (c) Michael Flascha

 The next Fotomarathon takes place on 16 June 2018 but someone can already enjoy the anticipation of participating. We will be celebrating 20 years since the Fotomarathon was established in Berlin, so we have lots of fun plans ahead.  You can give away a ticket to the next Fotomarathon -your photo enthusiastic friends will enjoy a full day of photographic fun! Click HERE to see how it works.

Sat 11. June 2016

Today is Fotomarathon day: tickets at the box office

11. June 2016|Photomarathon, Registration|

2016 Location James June

For those who like spontaneous decisions, we have tickets available at the box office today. Just come by to James June Sommergarten (Karl Marx Allee 93, 10243 Berlin) between 10.00 and 11.00

Tickets cost EUR 37 and can only be paid in cash. See you there!

We are tweeting, posting on Instagram and Facebook. The Hashtag is #16FMB

Wed 1. June 2016

Spend the Fotomarathon day with a 360° Ball Camera

1. June 2016|General, News, Partners, Photomarathon, Registration|

PANONO_BACK_DETAIL_FOR WEB_klein_ausschnittOur partner PANONO is making three cameras available for Fotomarathon participants to take photos during the Fotomarathon day -whether in the 12 or 24 hour version.

Whether you focus on big landscapes, group photos or fun selfies -everything is possible.  The Panono ball camera is used by mounting it on a stick or a tripod, and is controlled via an app, which works on iOS -requiring an iPhone to manage it. With good light and weather conditions, you can even throw it in the air (make sure you catch it, though!) and it will […]

Fri 27. May 2016

Find the T-Shirt = get a discount

27. May 2016|General, Photomarathon, Registration|

Athmo Fotomaraton 2013, (c) Michael Flascha

Find us and get a discounted ticket for the Fotomarathon at Schau! 2016 Berlin.

Today and tomorrow there is a Photo Fair at Foto Meyer in Victoria-Luise-Platz in Schöneberg, with many fantastic exhibitors and a full program of workshops. More info at:

Tomorrow Saturday 28.5 the Fotomarathon Team will be there from 12.00 to 18.00, wearing our Team T-Shirts. Come to talk to us to get a Code for a discounted ticket! See you on Saturday at Schau! 2016 Berlin!

With the Coupon […]

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