Wed 23. September 2020

What is the secret of success?

23. September 2020|General, Photomarathon, Registration|

2020 Berlin FotomarathonYou will soon start a special photo day will start, where the main goal is to have a great time with your camera and your motives. For all of you who participate for the first time, we have put together a few tips. Of course, these are only our personal impressions and we are curious about your experiences.


Thu 27. August 2020

24.October 2020: Fotomarathon Berlin: online, contactless, location independent

27. August 2020|European Month of Photography, General, Photomarathon, Registration|

European month of photographyThe time has come: the 2020 Berlin Fotomaraton takes place on Saturday 24 October. With distance and yet together we start at 10:00 to an extraordinary photo marathon: 9 hours, 9 photos and at 19:00 it will be time to hand in all pictures. Registration is open. Click HERE

You see, it won’t be like the big summer photo marathon, but we have enough light for you to take photographs following the exciting prompts we have planned for you, you will still have plenty of room for your creative […]

Fri 29. May 2020

Fotomarathon Berlin postponed until September – October

29. May 2020|Photomarathon, Registration|

We hope you’re doing well and getting through this difficult time. Only a few weeks ago we were making plans, exchanged ideas and found great locations to spend a relaxed and enjoyable summer’s day with you in search of photo opportunities. But unfortunately, at the moment all these thoughts seem to be from a different era.

Julia Zacharias - Der Perfekter Ort - Fotomarathon berlin

The chances that we will be able to experience a creative time together in mid-June and spend a day enjoying photography in a relaxed way are rather bad at the […]

Fri 25. October 2019

Foto Half-Marathon: 23.Nov.2019 Six hours – six photos!

25. October 2019|Mini-Fotomarathon, Registration|

2019 Half Fotomarathon BerlinSince there was no Fotomarathon this summer, we thought a six hour event can offer fotomarathon enthusiasts and first timers a chance to get a chance to enjoy the fun of fotomarathon in a condensed version. This seemed a good option, considering in autumn the days are shorter and there is less light. As always, the small and dedicated group of volunteers organising the event will work hard to […]

Thu 14. June 2018

Missed registration: no problem!

14. June 2018|General, Registration|

Start Fotomarathon BerlinWe all live busy lives -but this should not be a problem. Just come to the start location next  Saturday 16.06 at 10.00 and we take it from there.

Where: Die Mauer, Asisi Panorama, Friedrichstraße 205, (am Checkpoint Charlie), 10117 Berlin

The ticket costs EUR 35 and can be paid in cash or EC-Card.

Be sure to read all the important prep infos here:

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!