Sat 19. December 2020

2020 Exhibition and Winners

19. December 2020|Exhibition|

2020 Fotomarathon Berlin 3D Ausstellung Exhibition

This year, the Fotomarathon exhibition has turned into an innovative 3D online space that visitors can visit with the click of a mouse. We definitely missed welcoming so many participants and their families, as is usually the case with the exhibition. Instead, an online exhibition is now available for participants coming from many cities in Germany and Europe and for people from all over the world. It will be available from 19. December 2020 until 10. February 2021.

We congratulate the winners and all participants who took up […]

Sat 3. October 2020

Partner news: PhotoDerive Exhibition 9 to 31st October 2020

3. October 2020|European Month of Photography, Exhibition, General|

PhotoDerive - Lines that Intersect - by Andrea FigariFor this year´s European Month of Photography the Berlin Fotomarathon is teaming up with PhotoDérive, a project founded by long-time Fotomarathon Team member Andrea Figari in 2013. PhotoDérive explores walking and photographing as art practices, uniting urban exploration, mindfulness and political critique with storytelling. A companion card kit for the urban explorations was designed to help spark creativity and add random situational clues and prompts to support the photographic interpretation of the spaces visited during the Dérive.

From tourism to migration, from […]

Fri 2. October 2020

Fotomarathon in COVID19 – Part 2: After the Fotomarathon

2. October 2020|Exhibition, Photomarathon|

Preparations for the Fotomarathon in times of coronavirus demanded that we change the format, as we described in first part of this “behind the scenes” post.

But if anyone thinks that once the Fotomarathon day is over, they are in for a surprise. Here you will learn about what happens next: process the photos, prepare the jury meeting and organise the exhibition. Here we go…

After the Fotomarathon Day:

Fotomarathon Berlin startnummer - nadine FunkeAfter 23.00 Fotomarathon team downloads all photo series. A special software is used to verify that the […]

Sun 14. October 2018

Exhibition: European Month of Photography

14. October 2018|2018, emop, European Month of Photography, European Month of Photography, Exhibition|

The Berlin Fotomarathon tried focusing on a specific topic of contemporary history for the first time. The exhibition examines the tensions that have developed between the communist and victorious Western states, which are still visible sixty years on. The blockade of West Berlin, the resulting Berlin Airlift, the construction of the Wall, the student revolts of 1968…


Sun 26. August 2018

These are the 2018 Winning Series

26. August 2018|2018, Exhibition, News, Photomarathon, Winners, Winners|

On 25. August 2018 all the winners of the main and special prizes of the 2018 Summer Fotomarathon  received their awards and the prizes during the Exhibition at the Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei in Kreuzberg. The people’s choice award was announced on Sunday and was given to 2 of the winners in the mobile category.

We congratulate all the winners and wish them lots of fun enjoying the prizes. We are looking forward to seeing you again at the mini photo marathon on 13.10.2018 in the Berlin Wall Memorial with vernissage and exhibition, which will be part of the European Month […]