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The European Month of Photography is an event taking place in Berlin every two years

Sat 24. October 2020

It is starting! What you need for the 2020 Fotomarathon

24. October 2020|2020, European Month of Photography, Photomarathon|

Welcome to the 2020 Berlin Fotomarathon!

We are so excited to start this special day together with over 140 participants, from Germany and eight other countries.

This year there will be no paper Start number handed out by us in the start location, because we are running a contact free, location independent Fotomarathon. All participants received an email on 23 October with their Start number. if you did not receive it, get in touch with us at and let us know.

We have created a template for you to print out at home and […]

Sun 27. September 2020

Fotomarathon in COVID19 Times: How does it work

27. September 2020|European Month of Photography, Photomarathon|

European month of photography

October is here and with it the European Month of Photography, where the Fotomarathon is again proud to be represented. Here are more details about how the Fotomarathon day on 24th October will run, as this will be a special edition during the global pandemic. 

Again, here are the basics in short version:

  • Saturday 24. October 2020 from 10.00 to 19.00 hs
  • 9 hours, 9 topics under one motto.
  • location independent: start wherever you are!
  • contact free: start number and themes will be sent via email.
  • online: […]
Thu 27. August 2020

24.October 2020: Fotomarathon Berlin: online, contactless, location independent

27. August 2020|European Month of Photography, General, Photomarathon, Registration|

European month of photographyThe time has come: the 2020 Berlin Fotomaraton takes place on Saturday 24 October. With distance and yet together we start at 10:00 to an extraordinary photo marathon: 9 hours, 9 photos and at 19:00 it will be time to hand in all pictures. Registration is open. Click HERE

You see, it won’t be like the big summer photo marathon, but we have enough light for you to take photographs following the exciting prompts we have planned for you, you will still have plenty of room for your creative […]

Sun 14. October 2018

Exhibition: European Month of Photography

14. October 2018|2018, emop, European Month of Photography, European Month of Photography, Exhibition|

The Berlin Fotomarathon tried focusing on a specific topic of contemporary history for the first time. The exhibition examines the tensions that have developed between the communist and victorious Western states, which are still visible sixty years on. The blockade of West Berlin, the resulting Berlin Airlift, the construction of the Wall, the student revolts of 1968…


Sun 9. October 2016

Nervous Systems: Interpretations of a quantified life | EMOP 2016

9. October 2016|European Month of Photography, Mini-Fotomarathon|

Nervous Systems: Interpretations of a quantified life

This exhibition joins the 2016 European Month of Photography and consists of photographs taken during the Mini-Fotomarathon Berlin in the context of Nervous Systems: quantified life and the social question, an exhibition organized by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in collaboration with the Tactical Technology Collective.