Welcome to the 2020 Berlin Fotomarathon!

We are so excited to start this special day together with over 140 participants, from Germany and eight other countries.

This year there will be no paper Start number handed out by us in the start location, because we are running a contact free, location independent Fotomarathon. All participants received an email on 23 October with their Start number. if you did not receive it, get in touch with us at kontakt@fotomarathon.de and let us know.

We have created a template for you to print out at home and keep that real Fotomarathon feeling. Under the following link you will find the file for download, which you can print yourself:


In this template you can colour in your number with crayons, markers or pencils -or even style it in a way that matches the style of your photo series.

Your Start number must appear on the first photo of your series so that we can match your series correctly -and at the end you must upload 9 photos. Be creative and look for house numbers, license plates or price labels or maybe you prefer to paint your number in sand, write it with chalk or shape it with your fingers?


Setting up your equipment and getting ready

  • Be sure to check the date and time setting on your camera. The photos must all be taken on 24.10.2020 between 10:00 am – 19:00 pm (Berlin time).
  • All pictures must be taken as jpg. Unfortunately we cannot accept RAW files. If your camera allows it, you can shoot JPG and RAW, but not only RAW.

You can read more about getting ready in the article by former Fotomarathon winners Christian and Michaela with their recommendations and tips.

How Fotomarathon Day will run

  • 9.45 Uhr: The Fotomarathon Team will go online on You Tube [https://youtu.be/d3m8iglj0ok] to welcome participants and announce the Motto as well as the individual themes.
  • 10.00 Uhr: We go live to welcome participants! At the same time, all registered participants will receive an email with the Motto and the first batch of 5 topics, as well as an emergency telephone number for emergency questions. Everyone can go out and take photos from wherever they are. There is no need to be or to come to Berlin to participate in this Fotomarathon. The topics will not be linked to Berlin, so there is enough flexibility to take photos anywhere.
  • 14.00 Uhr: An email will be sent to registered participants with the last batch of 4 topics. The email will also contain instructions on how to upload the photos after the series of 9 photos is completed. The Fotomarathon Berlin team will hold a short You Tube Live Stream at https://youtu.be/d3m8iglj0ok  to announce the topics and answer short questions if necessary.
  • 19.00 Uhr: Time is up! All photos must be taken by 19.00 and uploaded until 23.00. The Fotomarathon special software will check that photos are taken on this day and between the required times. Photos taken after 19.00 will mean the series will be disqualified.

Read the full account of how the day will proceed on our website at:

Doing this together, how to stay in touch

Just because we need to abide by distant socialising it doesn´t mean we cannot stay in touch.

All members of the Fotomarathon team will be there for you on Saturday. The Fotomarathon  starts at 10:00 am with a YouTube live steam introduction to the day. Follow us on time on our YouTube channel and get some tips for your Fotomarathon day. We’ll be back at 14:00 to give you a few more tips for our photo challenge.

You can reach our livestream under: https://youtu.be/d3m8iglj0ok

Otherwise you can also reach us at the Fotomarathon Emergency phone numeber  +49 151 70553677 from 9:00 am. This number will only be active on Saturday 24. October.

Thanks for reading so far. We will be publishing more information throughout the day on 24 October to keep everyone informed.

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