Preparations for the Fotomarathon in times of coronavirus demanded that we change the format, as we described in first part of this “behind the scenes” post.

But if anyone thinks that once the Fotomarathon day is over, they are in for a surprise. Here you will learn about what happens next: process the photos, prepare the jury meeting and organise the exhibition. Here we go…

After the Fotomarathon Day:

Fotomarathon Berlin startnummer - nadine FunkeAfter 23.00 Fotomarathon team downloads all photo series. A special software is used to verify that the following is true:

  • the series consists of 9 photos, including the first photo with the start number
  • photos were taken on 24.10.2020 between 10.00 h and 19.00 h
  • photos were not post processed after they were taken

The special software renames and resizes the photos, so they are anonimised and ready to present them to the Jury, prepare them for the 3D online exhibition and for the publication on the Fotomarathon website. 

Die Jury picks their favourites

Frontansicht Fotogalerie Friedrichshain von Kater KoschPhotos are then prepared for the Jury session. The Jury meets in the Friedrichshain Photo Galerie, observing social distancing and other hygiene rules. They will select their favourite photo series, awarding the prizes offered by our supporting partners.



Preparation for the Exhibition

Siegerserie Tim Beyerbach Fotomarathon Berlin 2015

The Fotomarathon Team will transfer the photos into a special file format so that each series can be exhibited as a whole in the 3-D exhibition. This will require that the Team learns new ways of displaying the photos. We are excited to learn about the possibilities that a digital, online and 3D exhibition can open for future exhibitions.

We are working on an option to allow participants to get a gift voucher to print their photo poster with a discount. We will announce more details about this after the Fotomarathon.

Online Opening Event and Award Ceremony

The exact date and time for this event will be announced after the Fotomarathon, via Newsletter, the website and on our Social Media channels..

For the opening of the exhibition, the Fotomarathon team will host live events, on YouTube und/oder Instagram to welcome visitors in an online Vernissage. Visitors will be able to interact via comments or direct messages.

The Fotomarathon Team will also organise a live event to announce the winners and share the prices from our partners. Viewers can also interact via comments or direct messages.

The 3D-Online-Exhibition

3D Kunstmatrix Ausstellung

As in the real life version of the Fotomarathon Exhibition, it is central to the Fotomarathon Berlin concept that every participant has a chance to see their photo series in a collective exhibition.

To make this possible, we have chosen a 3D online format where photo series will be displayed as a collage poster on the walls of a 3D exhibition room. Visitors will be able to walk through the rooms and appreciate each series up close. This format also allows us to organise online guided tours to walk visitors through the exhibition.

All photo series will be displayed in the 3D online exhibition room for two months after the opening. After this, the winning series will be uploaded as photo galleries in the Fotomarathon website.

Be part of this truly unique Fotomarathon experience!

On 24 October, you will be able to:

  • Spend an autumnal day outdoors taking pictures, inspired by a range of creative ideas that will stimulate your creativity.
  • Share the day with participants from all over Germany and the world via live online events
  • See your photos in a joint 3D online exhibition.
  • Share your photo series with friends and family, visit the exhibition together (online) while keeping safe distance.

Are you ready? 

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