2020 Berlin FotomarathonYou will soon start a special photo day will start, where the main goal is to have a great time with your camera and your motives. For all of you who participate for the first time, we have put together a few tips. Of course, these are only our personal impressions and we are curious about your experiences.

Christian Kretke and Michaela Eberlin, both in the organization team of the Fotomarathon, have already successfully participated in the Fotomarathon several times. Christian takes analogue photos, Michaela digital. The two have put together a few tips for you.

  • Think about a series right from the start. All photos should work as a consistent series when all is said and done. That’s why it’s important to develop an idea from the very first photo, which should then run like a leit motif through the series of the 9 photos. Be creative if you are looking for this leit motif, but in any case do what you enjoy: What are you especially interested in? Is there a particular place that supports your series? Is there a photographic technique that strengthens your message?
  • Less is more. You are on the road for many hours. Think about what kind of photographic equipment you really need and what else you want to have with you. After a few hours you will really feel every kilo!
  • Expensive equipment does not make better pictures. Maybe you only have a simple camera and are worried that the other participants are better equipped? It may well be that other participants have more modern models and larger lenses. But that doesn’t mean that they automatically take better pictures with them. Creativity is not a question of equipment, but creativity is the key to good photos.
  • Black and white or colour? It doesn’t matter! Photograph how you like it best. There are motifs that look very strong in black and white, and others captivate with their colorfulness. First think about the basic idea for your series and then decide which technique is most suitable.
    If you are shooting analog, you also have to think about the ISO you want to use in addition to the color question. During the day an ISO-100 is the perfect choice, especially with regard to depth of field. But as soon as the light fades, a 200 or 400 film may be the better choice. During the day, you could use a gray filter to lower the sensitivity.
  • There are great models everywhere. Often you see people on the street who fit perfectly to your photo. Our tip: Be open and ask nicely if you can take a picture of them. We have experienced that most people are willing to be photographed when they find out what the Fotomarathon is all about. The only time people react harshly is when they notice that someone is trying to take pictures of them without them noticing.
  • Full batteries!  You should definitely have this with you. If you take pictures for hours, your batteries will quickly run down. Be sure to take a full second battery or a power bank with you. Many analog cameras also have batteries that are empty exactly when it counts. Since they can’t be charged like a battery, you should always have a replacement with you.
  • A second memory card can come in handy, if you want to capture other motifs on the way, a remote shutter release and maybe a small tripod, especially for the dim evening hours. If rain is announced, don’t forget your rain protection!
  • Useful helpers. A small, light repertoire of useful things can help you to find ideas: a piece of street chalk, tape, rubber bands and plasticine to fix something, mirrors, transparent foils, scissors, colored sunglasses …
  • The most important tip of all: Have fun and let your motifs carry you through the Fotomarathon day!
    You can find more tips and a checklist on our website under “Tips for success”.
    We wish you a lot of fun and success!
    Christian & Michaela

Remember, 2020 is a special year. The Fotomarathon Berlin will take place contact free, guided by online messaging and independent from your location.

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