European month of photography

October is here and with it the European Month of Photography, where the Fotomarathon is again proud to be represented. Here are more details about how the Fotomarathon day on 24th October will run, as this will be a special edition during the global pandemic. 

Again, here are the basics in short version:

  • Saturday 24. October 2020 from 10.00 to 19.00 hs
  • 9 hours, 9 topics under one motto.
  • location independent: start wherever you are!
  • contact free: start number and themes will be sent via email.
  • online: the Fotomarathon Team will be accompany participants through the day via live events on Instagram and You Tube
  • all photos will be displayed in an online 3-D exhibition for 2 months.
  • Registration closes on 22 October. There are only 100 places available -60% of them are already booked. Don’t wait too long to book your spot!


Special times demand special measures. How do you organise a Fotomarathon in times of Coronavirus?

Fotomarathon Berlin startnummer - nadine Funke

The Fotomarathon Team was in the middle of the preparations for the June as lockdown was established. We still hoped we could still hold the event, adapting it to ensure observance of the hygiene rules. But this was not possible. The European Month of Photography in October was the perfect chance to organise an autumn Fotomarathon: the date of Saturday 24 October was set. We developed a Corona-hygiene concept to organise the event with start location and meeting points. However, even with careful planning, it was clear that there were too many situations where we could not offer guarantees. Locations could be shut down if the situation deteriorates. Participants might feel uneasy going somewhere where groups would come together. We felt that it would be safer for everyone to organise a version of the Fotomarathon that would rely on online communication, be free of personal contact and did not require meeting in groups or go to a location.

This means that everyone can participate wherever they are! No need to come to Berlin or to gather in locations to pick up themes or numbers. We are very excited to see what photos will be handed in -the themes will remain flexible and without a Berlin connection.

A new Fotomarathon format was born, and the team is learning new things to make it happen:

  • how to organise a live event to welcome participants during the Fotomarathon day?
  • how to organise the upload and download of the photos online?
  • how to bring the photos in a format that can be shown in a 3D online exhibition?
  • how to organise the jury session while observing the distance rules?
  • how to design and organise a 3D online exhibition?

Step by Step : Supported online from Berlin, contact free, location free.

Fotomarathon Berlin - Startnummer 365 tim BeyerbacHere we share the details of how the day will unfold on 24.October, as well as some behind-the-scenes insights, to let you see what the Fotomarathon in Berlin is up to while you are taking photos.

We hope this inspires you to participate, if you haven’t yet registered. We hope Fotomarathon is a chance to go out and explore your city or your neighbourhood, wherever you are. Let the 9 topics and the motto inspire to see your surroundings with a special point of view. Take a friend with you -and your masks- and make it a team activity. Let creativity and imagination guide you and hopefully give your artistic mind a break from the news about the pandemic.

Remember, half of the places are already gone 🙂


Before the Fotomarathon Day on Saturday 24 October:

  • Registration takes place online, until 21. October if you pay via Bank and on 22. October if you pay via Paypal at Register here 
  • After registration closes on 22.10, all registered participants will receive an email with their number and a PDF file with a template to fill out the assigned start number. This ensures us the event will be contact free, as participants will not have to pick up their number from the starting point.
  • There will be no registrations on the day itself -as the team will be busy with the organisation. Make sure you secure your place by 22nd October.
  • We use the hashtag #20FMB during the day on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

During the Fotomarathon Day on 24. October:

  • 9.45 Uhr: The Fotomarathon Team will go online on You Tube [] and Instagram Live [] to welcome participants and announce the Motto as well as the individual themes.
  • 10.00 Uhr: We go live to welcome participants! At the same time, all registered participants will receive an email with the Motto and the first batch of 5 topics, as well as an emergency telephone number for emergency questions. Everyone can go out and take photos from wherever they are. There is no need to be or to come to Berlin to participate in this Fotomarathon. The topics will not be linked to Berlin, so there is enough flexibility to take photos anywhere.
  • 14.00 Uhr: An email will be sent to registered participants with the last batch of 4 topics. The email will also contain instructions on how to upload the photos after the series of 9 photos is completed. The Fotomarathon Berlin team will hold a short You Tube and Instagram Live session to announce the topics and answer short questions if necessary.
  • 19.00 Uhr: Time is up! All photos must be taken by 19.00 and uploaded until 23.00. The Fotomarathon special software will check that photos are taken on this day and between the required times. Photos taken after 19.00 will mean the series will be disqualified.

After 19.00 h

  • 19.00 Uhr: Participants will receive a reminder email with instructions on how to upload their photos (or send their film rolls)
  • 19.00 bis 23.00 Uhr: Participants must upload their 9 photos using the special link. Participants who have participated with an analogue camera must mail their film roll to the Fotomarathon address by Monday 26. October in order to remain in the competition. Instructions with the link and an address will be sent on 24 October. .

What happens after the Fotomarathon day?

As we always say…after the Fotomarathon comes the Exhibition. We will share further details about preparations for the Jury and the exhibition in our next Blogpost. CLICK HERE see what happens next but in the meantime, secure your place clicking on the button below.

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