We hope you’re doing well and getting through this difficult time. Only a few weeks ago we were making plans, exchanged ideas and found great locations to spend a relaxed and enjoyable summer’s day with you in search of photo opportunities. But unfortunately, at the moment all these thoughts seem to be from a different era.

Julia Zacharias - Der Perfekter Ort - Fotomarathon berlin

The chances that we will be able to experience a creative time together in mid-June and spend a day enjoying photography in a relaxed way are rather bad at the moment. And even if we manage to organise the event in such a way that all the recommended distance rules and hygiene recommendations are adhered to, the Fotomarathon would have nothing of the closeness that makes it so special.

The Fotomarathon organizing team has therefore decided to postpone the Fotomarathon to a Saturday in September or October. Hopefully the measures will have been relaxed by then so that our photo event will be what it has always been this year: a great day with great people and challenging photo motives!

While we like to rely on the tried and tested for the Fotomarathon day, we have come up with something new for the exhibition. We assume that we will have to live with distance rules for a long time to come. This is a difficult condition for the experience of an exhibition.

We have therefore considered presenting the photo series in some kind of digital format. Wherever you are: Stay home – the exhibition comes to you!

And as a special feature, each participant will receive his or her photo series as a developed photo strip free of charge!

Well, what do you think? We’re planning to keep you up to date in any case!

To all who have already registered: First of all: It’s great that you want to be part of it. We hope that you will be able to join us in late September / October. We are already looking forward to you! But if you want to have your entry fee refunded now, please send us a short e-mail. Otherwise you are automatically booked for a participation in the end of September / October.

For those of you who have booked the shipping of the photo strip, we offer two options:
1. turn the shipping into a donation: We would be happy if you would consider donating the amount for the Fotomarathon. It would not only save us a lot of time, but also help us to support the non-profit association in these difficult times.
2. get a refund of the shipping fee. For this we would need an e-mail with the bank account or your Paypal address where the money should be sent. Please keep in mind that we would need some weeks for this. The team is small and works as volunteers, so our time is very limited.

As soon as the exact date is fixed, we will get back to you immediately.

Even though our ability to meet people and move is somewhat limited at the moment, we hope you continue to find creative thoughts and cool photo opportunities.

Stay healthy! We will be in touch soon.

Your Fotomarathon Team

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