2019 Half Fotomarathon BerlinSince there was no Fotomarathon this summer, we thought a six hour event can offer fotomarathon enthusiasts and first timers a chance to get a chance to enjoy the fun of fotomarathon in a condensed version. This seemed a good option, considering in autumn the days are shorter and there is less light. As always, the small and dedicated group of volunteers organising the event will work hard to offer interesting topics to interpret.

As usual, creativity and spontaneous reaction to the themes and the locations will be the key to a photo series you will be happy with. The start location is FOTOPIONIERE, Karl Marx Allee 87, 10243 Friedrichshain. As usual, we will have an informal get-together to share some drinks and some time together. If you did not manage to get tickets, come to FOTOPIONIERE on Saturday 23.11 and you can buy tickets there.

Changes for the Half-Fotomarathon

This time participants will have six hours to interpret six photos. We will have a start and an end location, with no intermediate stops.

Registration fee is 15 EUR -the first time since 2009 that we have changed it. We have adapted the registration fee to be able to face increasing costs of running events in Berlin such as rent for locations or exhibition spaces and fees for storage of equipment, to name a few of our highest expenses. The Fotomarathon is entirely financed by registration fees and is completely run by volunteers making no money out of this activity. We thank you in advance for your support to keep this event going.

Plans for 2020: join the new team!

The organising team will also take the opportunity to inform participants about the future plans and present challenges for the Fotomarathon in Berlin. As we announced earlier, we are looking for new members in the team to ensure the continuity of the Fotomarathon in the future. If you or anyone you know would like to get on board and help organise this unique event, the after-event talk will be a chance to know more and meet the team.

If you have any questions, let us know at kontakt@fotomarathon.de. We look forward to seeing you on November 23rd.

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