You haven’t heard from us in a while. Today we are happy to inform you about the Fotomarathon 2019. The volunteer team of the Fotomarathon Berlin was quite exhausted after the many activities of the anniversary year 2018 and needed a break. For the year 2019, we have therefore decided to take a somewhat calmer approach and at the same time give those interested in working in a team the opportunity to make a gentle start. We are always thinking of new formats and possibilities to keep the idea of the Fotomarathon alive and to develop it further.

For 2019, we decided to concentrate on the essentials and make the Fotomarathon in Berlin accessible to many more people who would like to take part in the Fotomarathon but do not feel ready for a full 12-hour challenge.

With this in mind, we are planning a photo half marathon this year: 6 hours, 6 themes. The date will take place after the summer holidays in September and will be announced soon.

To return to the roots of the Fotomarathon, we will collect all photos at the end of the day and present them in a slide show. We intend to make a short film out of it and have it shown at a place yet to be confirmed. We will also adjust the prices of the event. The registration will open in July.
Call for new members: open until 30.08.2019

We urgently need reinforcements in the team! Some of the team members are very personally and/or professionally involved this year and cannot invest the same amount of energy in volunteering as they did last year. This will give new members a unique opportunity to take on responsibility from the very beginning and actively shape the half photo marathon! Of course the team is always at your side!

As many of you know, the Fotomarathon is organized exclusively by a team of dedicated volunteers. This year the team consists of only 3 people – and we would be very happy to welcome new members. We will open the doors from July 2019 until the end of August 2019, which will allow us to integrate the new members into the preparation of this year’s events.

Currently we are looking for people who can help in the following areas:

Communication: writing 3-6 newsletters per year, writing short updates on the site
Social media: exchanging messages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (we use Hootsuite to manage our content)
Location Scouting: Discover new places to bring our Fotomarathon friends to the city.
PR and Public Relations: Ideal for media students to gain practical experience.
General organization: There is always something to coordinate (checking registrations, replying to e-mails).

Much of it can be done online. This would be perfect for all event management students to gain first hand experience.

The team meets every two weeks somewhere in Berlin-Mitte (Kreuzberg, Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg) and once a week when the dates for the events are closer.

If you would like to help share the Fotomarathon experience with other photo enthusiasts, please contact us at Please send us a short message in which you tell us something about yourself and your areas of expertise as well as the area in which you would like to be involved.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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