Pinhole Workshop with Laura Fiorio

(c) Pinhocchio

Laura Fiorio is an italian photographer and visual artist currently based in Berlin. She is founder of Pinhocchio and active in organising events linked to pinhole photography, with particular care on the topics of selfproduction, reuse and recycling.
She studied fine arts and technology media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and interactive media and film at the Middlesex University of London. She works professionaly with architecture and landscape photography, video and film lighting, , as well as in educational projects among others in the woman’s prison
in Berlin.

Her photographic research focuses primarily on the issues of the city and landscape as places in transformation, with an experimental research dedicated
to pinhole photography. She has been leading various workshops and her works have been displayed internationally including Biennale, Palazzo Ducale and Bevilacqua la Masa (Venice) Foundation, Triennale (Milan), Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria), Rencontres d’Arles, Frames (Glasgow), Onassis Cultural Center (Athens).

The pinhole workshop is based on fun, self production and recycling. No previous knowledges in the field of photography are required. Everyone can discover how photography really works, with no need to buy a camera, but just trying to build an own self-made d-i-y camera with recycled material. Building and playing with the principles of photography helps out understanding them. Creating something unique and personalized in the era of digital and reproduction helps to just stop and think about the meaning of photography itself. After a brief theoretical introduction the workshop will be developed in practical terms: participants will
construct cameras, go outside, shoot, and learn how to develop and fix in the darkroom. The results will be shown in an exhibition wall during the fotomarathon.

Every participant will receive all the material he/she need to participate in the workshop, and all the material for the darkroom:
– Photographic paper
– Acids for the darkroom
– Darkroom tools
– Analogue lightmeter
– Paint and painting tools
– Materials for the construction of the cameras

26.08 12-18 Uhr

12 – 13: Theory: how does a pinhole camera work? Photographers who use pinhole for their projects. How do you build a pinhole?
13-14 Uhr: Pinhole camera construction
14-14.30: Break
14.30-15: How do you use a Pinhole camera? Technic and exposure times
15 – 16: collective shootings
16- 17: Collective development
17-18: presentation of the results

Workshop 26.08: (6 hours) 50€ + 17 € material

The participant number is limited to 10. To reserve a place please email  *UPDATE* the fotomarathon team is giving away 4 places for the workhop on Sunday 26.08. Write at to get your places!

Workshop will be held in german and english



Make it big -and blue: a life sized Cyanotopie Workshop with Andreas Kesberger

Start: 25.08.2018, 14:00 h

Duration: circa 4 h

Workshop Fee: Couples 79 ,00 €

The Workshop is limited to eight couples.

Registration via Email directly with


Summer, sun, cyano. Photography lives off the sun, and especially over the summer. It is possible to see how the sun develops an image with its power. In this workshop with Andreas Kesberger we will first work based on a black and white negative (please bring your own file) which will be printed and from this, we will create a blue Cyanotopie copy in fabric, in A4 format (22 x 29cm). But the story does not end there.

Make Cyanotypes great again.

We are as big as life. Thanks to a process based on contact, we will project the image to produce a Cyanotopie which will be 75 cm x 2.13m big. We will do this with elements which participants bring themselves, or using our own shadow.

If couples would like to create a couple-portrait, then we can create this in a textile piece which will be 1.5m wide and 2.13 m tall.

It will all be developed in an environmentally sound process, using water. Then, it will just need to be dried, folded and taken home.

Creative photography: Smartphone Lenses Workshop with Fotomax Berlin and

Improve images with the smartphone using universal slip-on lenses, optimize product photography for the Ebay Shop or simply change the image section as well as create beautiful portraits with your smartphone

Anyone who has always wanted to get more out of his smartphone camera without having to buy a camera with lenses, will be shown at this workshop how easy and above all cost-effective you can generate beautiful pictures with clip-on lenses on your smartphone. This can be on the one hand in the field of portrait photography and product photography, in the telephoto as well as in a playful sense with a fish eye optics. There are no limits to creativity and imagination. The Fotomax team explains and shows how easy it is to photograph, illuminate and find the right image.

Close-up / macro photography:
Workshop with spacers or close-up lenses with Fotomax Berlin

Make little things look big … in the field of macro photography you will find not only many topics that are exciting and seem more interesting from another angle, but also options to work with existing light or artificial light sources.

At this workshop, the Fotomax team uses lens adapter solutions with close-up lenses and intermediate rings to show how spectacularly simple it is to put different motifs in the limelight in style.

We offer both workshops individually for € 30 per participant, in combination for € 49. They are held Saturday & Sunday from 12.00h – 17.00h.

If you already know that these topics are interesting and exciting, you can register in advance via email via Otherwise, of course, there is also the possibility to register during the exhibition.

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