“The Best Camera is the one that´s with you” -said star photographer Chase Jarvis in his book on mobile photography back in 2009. Do you think he is right? Is your mobile phone now your best camera because it is always in your pocket?

With these questions in mind, and your frequent requests, we are launching a pilot project, opening a mobile photography category for 30 participants for the Fotomarathon next June 10th. All rules of the Fotomarathon still apply -the sequence must be maintained and no post-processing is allowed. Filters and other configurations will be accepted. The winner in this category will also win a special prize, to be announced and well worth it.

All photos in this category will be exhibited in a special section during the exhibition  in July.

Participants will be required to bring their own USB connecting cable and a regular SD Memory card. We will copy the 12 photos of the Fotomarathon to the Memory card, and download these using our usual software, to get the photos in the right format for the website and the exhibition.

Registration is open – secure one of the 30 available spots now!

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