PANONO_BACK_DETAIL_FOR WEB_klein_ausschnittOur partner PANONO is making three cameras available for Fotomarathon participants to take photos during the Fotomarathon day -whether in the 12 or 24 hour version.

Whether you focus on big landscapes, group photos or fun selfies -everything is possible.  The Panono ball camera is used by mounting it on a stick or a tripod, and is controlled via an app, which works on iOS -requiring an iPhone to manage it. With good light and weather conditions, you can even throw it in the air (make sure you catch it, though!) and it will shoot photos from the highest point. The camera will take 36 high resolution pictures, which are sent to the iPhone app and to the Panono server, where the photos are collated together and rendered into a beautiful panorama picture.

Please note that this will require an internet connection during the Fotomarathon day if you want to have the photos immediately online, either using your data plan or wi-fi. You can also choose to upload the photos after you are done with the Fotomarathon, if you would rather use wi-fi at home.

Last year, the Fotomarathon start was documented with the Panono camera, click on the image below to see how it works:

Juni 2015 Startpanorama Panono

The lucky winners will need to pick up the camera at the Panono offices on Friday 10 June and plan some time to get a special training on how to use the app and load the photos to the server.  The camera will need to be returned on Monday 13 June, also at the Panono offices.

So, if you want to have a chance to use the Panono ball camera during the Fotomarathon day, please consider the following:

  • write an email explaining your creative ideas to use the camera
  • an iPhone is needed to control the app
  • a stick or a tripod is needed to set the ball camera
  • an internet connection is needed to upload the photos to Panono’s server for rendering
  • you will need to pick up  and return the camera at the Panono offices in Berlin.
  • you will need to plan a bit of time during pick-up to get a short training on how to use the camera

Send your emails until Thursday 9. June to, together with your Fotomarathon registration confirmation.

We wish you luck and great panorama photos! We thank our partner Panono for their support!



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