The theme to the Fotomarathon 2016 in Berlin challenged you go beyond borders all (or limits) of any kind. Borders are diverse. What are borders / limits but arbitrary lines? State limits, moral borders, limits in the perceptions, limits in the system. Berlin is a very special place to think about borders and limits, and how to overcome them. Don´t trespass my / your / our limits! The themes of this year´s Fotomarathon encompass borders or limits which can be partially real, partially in our thoughs or in our fantasies. Can we overcome them? Where is the limit? And what will the neighbours say?

You can download the sheets with all the topics here as PDFs

At the Fotomarathon day itself we were able to capture our event with state of the art 360° ball camera from Panono.

Check out the results: you can zoom in and out and also move up and down, left and right to see it all. For those that participated, play „where is Waldo“ and find yourself and reminisce about the day. Special thanks to Panono as well who gave us with the chance to use their amazing ball cam.

(Best viewed in a desktop computer or laptop)


You can download the four theme sheets as PDF from here.

Start location James June Sommergarten, Karl-Marx-Allee 103: The themes are announced

1. Station Karibuni, Lichtenberg: … everyone is still there

See more panorama photos of the fotomarathon day

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