It is always more fun when there are more Fotomarathon participants taking pictures around town. Tell your friends, work colleagues or other photo enthusiasts. You can also share the news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram! We thank you in advance for helping promote this unique event!

You can also download and print posters -to share in your favourite shops: spätis, bars, bakeries, photo shops -the list is endless.

Fotomarathon Posters drucken und verteilen

Here in four steps:

1. Download: Posters and social media images are here to download. Just see below. Posters are available as high quality PDFs and the social media images as JPG.

2. Print and copy: We recommend to print the posters in white, A3 or A4 paper. We don´t recommend using smaller paper, otherwise the smaller text will not be readable.

3. Share creatively: Here you can be creative. Posters should go where lots of people come by: bakeries, photo-shops, photo labs, schools of photography, community colleges, restaurants, spätis, bus stops, shop windows, waiting rooms…the list is endless.

You can use pins or tape -but if you want the poster to hang longer you can use wallpaper paste. Please be aware that you don´t damage any property.

4. Document and post: aPlease make photos and share them on Twitter, Facebook or your own blogs. This offline guerrilla marketing action goes online too! Send us your photos and we will also share them.

To download, click on the photos, and right-click, “save as”

Mac-Users: Click on the CTRL-Key

Poster “Blue” Poster “Postcard”
Plakat | als A4 oder A3 zu Drucken Poster | to print as A4 or A3
Poster | to print as A4 or A3
Poster | to print as A4 or A3
Facebook Bild Twitter Bild

Bild für Facebook

Facebook Bild | Image
(940 x 788pix)

Twitter Bild
Twitter Bild | Image
(1024 × 512 pixels)