Especially for all the friends of analogue photography we have organized something special for the weekend of the exhibition. Organized by our partners Fotopioniere and analogueNOW! there will be two different workshops that will allow you to try different analogue techniques. So to say: “Back to the roots” for all you digital photographers.

Workshop “Pinhole Camera”

Taking pictures with a shoebox? Is that possible? Yes it is! And you can try it on both days of the exhibition. Within the most original photographic principle you only need a black box with a hole in it and a light-sensitive material to take a photo. Make your own photographs around the area of the Heeresb├Ąckerei with the eye of a pinhole camera and develop your negatives and positives on photo paper in the mobile darkroom.Organized by our partner analogueNOW!

Workshop “Feeling blue”

A typically Berlin workshop, with Prussian Blue, with Cyanotype, Inkodye and blueprint paper. Photos will be developed using natural light and several dyes -among them in Prussian Blue. Organized by our partner Fotopioniere.

More information about the workshops, its methods and how to register are on our website.

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