Teilnehmer beim Fotomarathon 2014

What sounds like great fun might be more challenging than expected in the first place. Lack of preparation or over-estimation of your own fitness and capabilities can easily ruin your enjoyment at the Fotomarathon.

We have a few recommendations you may want to consider when preparing for the Fotomarathon: Wear comfortable, cozy clothing at the Fotomarathon, in particular wear comfortable, closed shoes. Wearing inappropriate shoes can make life hard during the day and can lead to blisters.

Probably not really state-of-the-art fashion these days but and certainly undervalued many times: a rain poncho; a simple substitute for raincoat, rain pants and a cover for your backpack.

Know your personal fitness level and organize as many breaks as you need to fortify yourself.

If you are on the move all day long, your body needs some extra nutrients. Eat and drink what ever pleases you – this is a Fotomarathon no high performance sport. But pay attention for right balanced food like whole grain products, fresh fruit, salad or nuts. You better don’t overload your body with an opulent meal – Little snacks over the course of the day should be preferred. This should help to prevent drop in blood sugar level and early fatigue.

Further, make sure that you take enough fluids as your body loses minerals over time. Best choice to supply the needs are water, tea or spritzers. Alcohol should be avoided.

Please do not forget to use sunscreen. Apply the sun lotion over your entire body, not only to the exposed parts – unless your clothing has an UV-protection.

You can find additional tips&tricks here.

Dear Fotomarathonisten, last but not least let me quote Ansel Adams (US American photographer, February 1902 – April 1984): “you don’t take a photograph, you make it!”

Have fun!

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