After the long Berlin winter, with spring comes also a new and pretty Fotomarathon-Website. We rearranged stuff, wrote new texts, and hope that you will still easily find all the important stuff around the Berlin Fotomarathon.

  • Home brings you to the beginning and to all important News around the Berlin Fotomarathon.
  • What is a Fotomarathon? explains how this works, in digital, analog format and others. You will find tips and tricks, videos and audios about the Fotomarathon, links to other Fotomarathons around the world and the archives of the Berlin Fotomarathon since 1998.
  • Rules contains the fineprint, i.e., the rules of the Berlin Fotomarathon and the General Conditions for Participation
  • Informationen about the exhibition, about the jury and our partners.
  • Some photos from the last years can be seen, mostly the winner series. This is work in progress, over the next weeks, more and more picture galleries will be made available.
  • FAQ: Our list of frequently asked questions normally helps with most of your questions. If there is a question that does not get answered, please contact us.
  • Most pages are in German and English. If you miss a page in your language please let us know.
  • The imprint should not be missing, as well as information about the team, and about the organisation behind the Berlin Fotomarathon.
  • Feel free to subscribe to our newletter to keep in touch.
  • If you want to join the team and help shape the Fotomarathon, read more here

Have fun with the new look and also on the day of the Fotomarathon,
Your Berlin Fotomarathon Team

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