Sexy but decent - (c) Erik Werner
Sexy but decent – (c) Erik Werner
The Berlin Fotomarathon 2014 had as the overall main topic “The city is full of contradictions”. Berlin is a great city, but it can be diffcult sometimes. Yet we all love it! We challenged participants to capture those contrasts that suprinsingly also make sense. Over 200 participants went in a quest to show their urban contradictions! Just like last year, only 12 topics in 12 hours. The following is the complete list of this year’s topics for all that could not participate, or those who want to remember.

Starting point: Magazin der Heeresbäckerei, Kreuzberg
1. Poor but sexy
2. Sexy but decent
3. Decent but with the head in the clouds
4. With the head in the clouds but traditional

1st Station : Arminius Markthalle, Moabit
5. Traditional but exciting
6. Exciting, but mundane
7. Mundane, but famous
8. Famous, but too late

2nd Station: Mauersegler, Prenzlauer Berg
9. Too late, but innovative
10. Innovative, but too expensive
11. Too expensive, but deeply in love
12. Deeply in love but undecided

End: Freibad Weissensee, Weissensee

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