This year the Fotomarahton took place on 18. June under the motto “Music is in the Air” -spreading a wide murmur in the room as it was announced. Berlin lives and breathes music, and it was only fair to dedicate one Fotomarathon to something that inspires life and brings so much creativity into the city. Many artists felt a special bond to the city, and this is why the 24 individual themes are song titles of musicians who have lived or worked, or recorded in Berlin. The diversity of the artists was also reflected in the wide variety of the themes.

There were 326 registered participants, who came along with friends and supporters, among these also some analogue photographers, for the first time since 2007. After 12 hours on the run to snap photos that matched the overall motto “Music is in the air”, 302 participants handed in their photos at the end station, including 17 analogue films. The exhibition took place at the Arena Treptow and was visited by hundreds of visitors.

After the summer, we organised a Mini-Fotomarathon on 19. November, to keep enthusiastic Fotomarathon photographers fit and a retrospective exhibition at the Schlesner Printing Company.

2011 was also the year when we got an award: we were officially declared “a good idea” by the competition “Germany, land of ideas”

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“Raindrops keep falling on my head” or “Singing in the rain” were not among the 24 song titles that inspired this year’s Fotomarathon’s participants. However, they would have been a good match to the unstable weather of the day! Tenacious Fotomarathonists stood up to the challenge of showers and rain to complete the challenge -congratulations everyone!

Start: Universal Music – Oberbaum Bridge, Friedrichshain

1. I am me (Rosenstolz)
2. Big city plant (Claire Waldorff)
3. Weekend and Sunshine (Comedian Harmonists)
4. There´s repairs everywhere (Chaotencombo)
5. No beauty without danger (Einstürzende Neubauten)
6. The TV tower has ears (Lexy & K-Paul)
7. Sweet life, bitter life (Wolf Biermann)
8. We met in a garden(2Raumwohnung)

First Station: Emil Berliner Studios- Hansa Studios -Meister Saal, Potsdamer Platz

9. I want to have fun (Markus)
10. Chaos (Herbert Grönemeyer)
11. Invisible (Farin Urlaub) – zitty-PREIS (*)
12. Monotony(Ideal)
13. Change of scenery(Hildegard Knef)
14. Unknown creature(Linie 1)
15. Punk wedding(Nina Hagen)
16. I am never there where you are (Element of Crime)

Second Station: Emil Berliner Studios- Hansa Studios -Meister Saal, Potsdamer Platz

17. The Ballad of Gracious Living (Brecht/ Weill)
18. Illusions (Marlene Dietrich)
19. Thing (Seeed)
20. Black to blue(Peter Fox)
21. Somehow, somewhere, sometime (Nena)
22. A Midsummer night´s dream (Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy)
23. Magic land(Rio Reiser)
24. 25 hours a day(Die Ärzte)

End Station: Edelweiß, Görlitzer Park, Kreuzberg.
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1. Janus Doessing – Start number 199
2. Barbara Gross – Start number 118
3. Christian Klant – Start number  157
4. Ilja Stahl – Start number 152
5. Katja Kowalsky – Start number  22
6. Kazuyo Sato – Start number 234
7. Frank Will und Linda Köhler-Sandring – Start number  176
8. Eva Kohl – Start number  48
9. Katrin Weitz – Start number 125
10.Tanja Ruppert & Sanja Zeljko – Start number 355

People´s Choice Award: Jan Luley, Start number 103[/tab_item] [tab_item title=”Jury”]

Out of the 302 series submitted at the end of the 11 Fotomarathon, the following Jury members will choose 10 series that will receive prizes. Thanks to all of them for taking the time to support the event with their presence.

Edith Maria Balk, Photographer, Designer., Winner of the 1. Fotomarathon Berlin 1998
Ann-Christin Bertrand, Curator at c/o berlin
Andreas David, Portrait photographer and owner at
Joachim Rissmann, Owner of Hotel Bogota and organizer of Photoplatz gallery
Heike Sommerfeld, winner of the 2010 Berlin Fotomarathon

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